HB Yoga Collective closed its doors on March 1st 2018. We weren’t around long, but what an incredible journey it was. So many lives touched and changed in our small but mighty space. Thank you to every one who gave their time, money, resources and love to building this special community. It will live on in our hearts for a lifetime.


This is a time to Come Together, a time to connect . . .

To be a Collective I must collect all aspects of myself: body, heart, mind and spirit.

I join together with other powerful people who celebrate their wholeness

And magic happens!

I am here as myself: strong, creative, expansive, joyful and abundant and it is these qualities that support our community prospering.

I cultivate, refine and offer my gifts to the world for the sake of truth, authenticity and love.

I am here to create, love, laugh and live every day to my fullest.

I am connected… Every day with Source, my own heart, and those around me.

I stand in my own strength and in so doing strength our community.