Fundraising Event for Garret Peterson
Friday, March 31st. 6:30 – 8 p.m.

100% of Donations Go To Garret Peterson’s Med Bills & Rehab Fund

Join us for a fun evening with friends as we learn about the tactics and tools Damsel in Defense offers to keep ourselves and our families safe. Yoga class led by Kori Strobl and self-defense presentation by Damsel director Stun Gun Jen.

Garret was assaulted outside his job at Thunder Burgrz & Pizza in downtown Huntington Beach by two men on March 10, 2017. He refused to give them free pizza; they waited outside for him, pulled him into an alley and almost beat him to death. He had emergency brain surgery at Hoag hospital with a large piece of his skull being removed and the rest of his brain severely bruised and damaged.