Membership Prices:
$14- $6 per class

Personalized memberships for every person’s needs and intentions!
Let us guide you on a Path to Wellness.
Please call 714.374.0810 for more details.

Our Path to Wellness Introductory Program

Orange County locals looking to explore a new studio or take up yoga for the first time? We’ve got an introductory program for you! Join us for 5 classes for $25 over two weeks. We want you to support you including yoga in your health and wellness routine.

What to expect when you sign up for our Introductory Program:

  • Sign up online, over the phone or better yet, in person
  • Complete our new client information form to help us get to know you better
  • Plan and schedule your 5 classes
  • We will be reaching out to you via email and phone call during the 2 weeks to answer any questions, get your feedback and better guide your experience. We also love to share some wellness tips to support you cultivating offer all wellness practices in your life.
  • Work with our staff to sign up for the membership option that is right for you. And when you sign up before the end of the 2-week program, you can receive up to 2 months free!

Membership Prices:

$6- $14 per class
Membership options are influenced by how often you practice and the length of the contract that works best fo you. We will work with you to help you find the best value.