Join the HB Yoga Collective community for the New Year Cleanse!

Join our Ayurvedic Chef/Consultant Shina Chen this New Year for an Ayurvedic/Juice Cleanse. This week-long cleanse is unlike any other cleanse you have experienced before. Join the community at HB Yoga Collective to learn self-care and bring your body into a state of optimal health! If you have never experienced an Ayurvedic cleanse before you will learn this is a food-based cleanse combined with yoga and meditation. This is a great way to start your New Year and release last year’s built up toxins (Ama in Ayurveda terms).

Shina has designed this cleanse from her training through Dr. Mela Butcher at the Center for Ayurveda & Chef Meredith at Pranaful. You will not be starved during this cleanse! The program is a hybrid of juice / food cleanse in order to provide an experience that is effective and self-nourishing. This cleanse is great for everyone! If you have struggled with juice-only cleanse before, this is the cleanse for you.

Supported by a loving HBYC community, this cleanse offers meditation & yoga at the beautiful HB downtown studio. This is a great opportunity to come experience HB Yoga Collective’s classes and other wonderful amenities.

Benefits of the cleanse:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Better digestion
  • Mental clarity
  • Diminished cravings
  • Regular bowel movements with no gas or bloating
  • Spontaneous weight loss
  • Learn to make better food choices
  • Better gut IQ (awareness in the type of food that’s good or bad for your body)

You will be preparing all your meals during this cleanse. You will receive recipes for morning juice, kitchari (split mung bean and basmati rice) and detox tea. Optional supplements are provided based on Ayurvedic wisdom. Unlike other cleanses that can make you feel weak and depleted, The New Year cleanse is designed to make you feel full and maintain your energy level throughout the day so you can continue your normal routines.

This cleanse will include 3 live calls before-during-and-after the week to support and guide you through the journey. You will have the opportunity to ask Shina questions and share experience with other cleansers. We will also have a private Facebook group to help support one another during the week.

Registered participants will received all materials via email.

What does the program include?:

  • Three live calls with Shina and other participants to guide you through the process
  • Daily Meditation at HB Yoga Collective (This does not deduct your class package if you are already HBYC member)
  • Two yoga classes at HBYC to complement the cleanse experience (This does not deduct your class package if you are already HBYC member)
  • A 15 minutes private Ayurveda Consultation with Shina for HBYC members only*
  • Access to private online Facebook group to support and motivate each other
  • Shopping list (provided in advance)


Additional info & Facebook Private Group Invite will be sent by Tuesday, January 10.

I turned 40 last month and for as long as I can remember I have struggled with my relationship with food.  I’m unable to tell when I’m full, probably because I eat when I’m bored, stressed or need comfort.  My weight has fluctuated, especially since after having kids.  I’ve tried different cleanses and exercise routines and various combinations of the two, but I have never been able to sustain the routine or make a real change.  That is until Shina put me on the Ayurvedic cleanse/detox.  For 7 days, I had Kitchari, detox tea, water and took Triphala once to twice a day.  By about day 3, I started noticing changes in my body that I’ve never felt before.  I wasn’t hungry and my head was totally clear even on 5 hours of sleep at night and no coffee.  In total I lost 9 lbs. in 7 days and I’ve never felt better.  My stomach no longer hurts after I eat and I don’t feel constantly bloated.  It’s improved my relationship with food and it has helped me make a life style change!  Thank you, Shina!!

Judy H., Freddie Mac