Our water is special!

We are mindful about the kind of water we drink, so we are mindful about the kind of water we offer. Naturally we chose the best filtration around… Pristine Hydro.  

At least 60% of the adult body is made up of water and every living cell in the body needs it to keep functioning. While we could go for about 3 weeks without food, most people wouldn’t survive one week without water. It is essential to drink water often and daily in order to replenish our body’s supply. Being that we have to consume it so much and so often, the kind of water we drink MATTERS!

You may be as surprised as we were to find out that in north and central Orange County regular tap water is over 70% recycled waste water from the OC Sanitation District. What?!?! Yep, recycled sewage water! While the water is exposed to an elaborate filtration system, by the time it makes it to your tap it still contains natural contaminants and added chemicals, albeit at an “acceptable level”, according to the DDW (Department of Drinking Water).

Pristine Hydro provides the only holistically evaluated Water Revival System on the market.

It not only detoxifies, modulates and remineralizes water, it helps neutralize the acids in your body which viruses, bacteria and fungi all thrive. Drinking clean water, and we mean CLEAN, not only keeps you hydrated it helps your body heal and thrive. Pristine Hydro is a local company based in Laguna Woods, that is changing our understanding of clean water.  Come taste and experience the vitality of our water for yourself! Purchase a Takeya glass bottle in our retail store or bring in your own to fill up and drink up.