Anatomy for Yoga Teachers: The Power of the Pelvis With Nicolette David.
Saturday, April 15  |  1:30 – 5:30 pm

Amidst social media, within blog posts, and throughout online courses or trainings, the term “alignment” is often used as a way of describing how something is instructed or as a way of describing a teacher’s particular style. It has gained popularity as a way of establishing a separation of right vs. wrong, instead of being viewed from the perspective of what is commonly good for EVERY body.

We all know that yoga’s “true North” asana is Tadasana, but then what form guides our spine into its structurally-supportive, posturally-sound, energetically-balanced home? The Pelvis! It is the compass of our physical body and the ground floor of our pranic, subtle, and emotional houses.

Please join me in this 4-hour workshop to:

  • introduce the concept of “relational anatomy”
  • explore the architecture and system of the pelvis
  • increase our skills of observation and global  assessment
  • develop instructions and cues based specifically from the pelvis but creatively inspired by you
  •  gather together and learn from each other


$60 Early registration  |  $75 Day of

About Nicolette:

Nicolette David has been a teacher of languages, biology, and movement since 2001 but found her true passion in 2010 when she started teaching yoga. She has been guiding teachers in the field of yoga at various studios around Los Angeles, Orange County and internationally and plans to make education her lifelong work. Her personal studies are in Anatomy and she delights in drawing connections between the physical body, the emotional body, and the causal body. Her classes focus on alignment not for the sake of getting things “right” but with the intention of locating ourselves from within. Her teaching is full of heart, creativity, and the hope that students FEEL themselves beyond the physical realm, using the Spirit of their breath and the inner eyes that see from all possible perspectives.