Living with intention is a recent discovery for me. It started with a simple exercise, having Kori challenge me as to what my intention was for my yoga session. It seems like such a simple question but I found it extremely challenging. Why WAS I taking time out of my day to get in my car and drive to yoga class, then spend an hour and a half on the mat. Early on, I could not even understand intentions as they related to my yoga practice. With Kori’s help she provided a list (see below) of possible intentions. This helped greatly and I still reference the list, as well as add my own to the list as I become aware of them.

In the past, many of my activities and distraction were on auto-pilot. Even if I wanted to do something else or be with other people, there was an automatic impulse or addiction to stay the course. The more I question what my intention is for that period of time, the more likely I am to make decisions that coincide with my desired journey. More importantly, the more I set intentions the more likely I am to meet them, simply because I now clearly know what my goal is for a given situation or experience. You will be amazed at how once you set an intention, your mind will realign you or at least make you aware when you are off your path.

Some sample intentions:

Experience inner peace
Connect to God
Breathe consciously as much as possible
Sweat/ Detox
Present to the movement/ sensations of the body
To be fully present
Stretch or open a particular area
To heal an injury
Be gentle with myself in body and mind
Release a heaviness or sorrow
Celebrate life
Experience beginners mind (as if discovering every movement, breath for the first time)
To relax
To energize
To learn something new about myself
To learn something new about yoga
To experience clarity
To offer the peace I feel inside in service to a troubling situation or person in my life
To offer the peace I feel inside in service to my family, friend, pet, etc…
– Ken