The Collective Body Teacher Training is an opportunity for serious students of yoga interested in deepening their experience and knowledge of yoga. There is no pre-requisite. That being said, people will come to the training with various intentions and backgrounds. Some may be yoga teachers interested in continuing education; others may be ready to teach the practice they have come to love; while others will simply be doing it for their own personal growth and experience. All are welcome and have something to gain and contribute to the training!

The Collective Body Teacher Training is unique and excels in several ways…

  • The main trainers, Audri Geary and Kori Strobl, have been teaching for 10 and 15 years respectively. They have led 11 teacher trainings locally and globally through Yoga Works, but progressively found the trainings did not match with their own experience, intentions and emphasis in teaching. They are happy to offer their first teacher training rooted in their years of study, knowledge, and experience.
  • Many foundation level trainings are taught by one to two teachers. The Collective Body Teacher Training not only has expert trainers, but has brought together specialty teachers that are experts in their given fields as well: Basic and relational anatomy will be co-taught by Nicolette David and Dr. Jason Amstutz, skilled anatomy teachers and a chiropractor; Aayurvedic portions of the training will be taught by co-owner and seasoned ayurvedic practitioner, Shina Chen; our philosophy portions will be taught by Dr. John Casey, a former professor in Eastern religion and contemplative traditions; and a portion on kirtan and mantras will be taught by L.B. Iddings, our local and favorite Kirtan singer and facilitator.
  • We have intentionally not registered with Yoga Alliance. For more information on why and the significance of that decision please click here.
  • You will learn how to create your own thoughtful, safe and creative classes. Many trainings have pre-set sequences and scripts you memorize. In the Collective Body Teacher Training you will learn the art of sequencing, which enables you to use the information and tools you acquire in the training to create endless possibilities and learning opportunities for your students.
  • You will be given the opportunity to teach a full class in a public setting. Many trainings only require trainees to teach one or two poses to their fellow trainees before the end of training, often receiving little to no feedback or follow up. In the Collective Body Teacher Training you will have the opportunity to observe, assist and teach classes to the general public. This gives you an opportunity to receive feedback and mentorship before stepping out to your first audition or class.

Upon completion of all homework, passing written exams, and a practical teaching exam you will receive a certificate of completion. A growing number of studios hire based on education and auditions. You will be qualified and prepared to teach a masterful class that will impress any hiring manager.

200 hours is an industry standard only recently adopted with the formation of Yoga Alliance. The Collective Body Teacher Training intentionally stepped away from the minimum requirements of Yoga Alliance, which freed us up to offer a more thorough and significant foundation for anyone wanting to begin their journey as a yoga teacher. Prior to Yoga Alliance, many trainings were based on extended module based programs and mentorships, which incorporated more experiential learning, personal attention and direct work with yoga students.

Unlike many trainings, you will get the opportunity to work directly with the public doing observations, assisting and practice teaching. This will give you the opportunity to get feedback and mentorship on your cuing, pedagogy and sequencing prior to stepping out of the training and into a class of your own. Rather than simply practicing with your fellow trainees, you will get direct experience with a public yoga class.

Full tuition includes in –class hours and feedback on homework and exams for all 5 modules, practice teaching hours, as well as a 6-month unlimited membership at HB Yoga Collective. Not included in the tuition are the required books, private make-up sessions (for absences), travel expenses, parking, or meals.

A payment plan is available for students interested in the full training. The payment plans are as follows: 4 payments of $1,050 each, if the first installment is paid prior to Oct 1st (full tuition equates to $4,200). After that, each payment is $1,150, with the initial payment being paid prior to the first day of training (full tuition equates to $4600). Each installment after that is to be paid at minimum every 5 weeks until paid in full.

Up to 4 full days of training can be made up for free in our next training. Any additional hours, up to 8 full days, must be made up in private sessions with the appropriate trainer for the additional cost of $100/ hr. If 9 days or more are missed, the trainee will be required to re-take the course at a reduced rate in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Yes! Please understand the training can be physically demanding. We want you to benefit and not be harmed by the training. Please make sure your body is healthy enough for the physical aspects of the training. For severe injuries, we request that you be cleared from you doctor to practice level-2 yoga prior to the training. For minor injuries, we will encourage you to practice with sensitivity and compassion. Many yoga students come to the practice with injuries, so every injury is an opportunity to explore and learn more about how to work with and approach limitations.

Maybe, it depends on how far along you are. Because the duration of the training last 6-months, you would need to start the training within your first trimester in order to complete the training. Your pregnancy may create physical limitations as your belly grows, however, these limitations are opportunities to grow and learn about your own body and how to approach pregnant students in the future. Both trainers are trained in prenatal yoga as well as being Mama’s that practiced through out their pregnancy. We will do our best to support you through the training.

Yes! Yoga teachers may take the full training or each module a la cart at a reduced rate of $650 per module. For the full training that equates to $3,250. We welcome your experience and desire to learn more.

Please plan to bring a yoga mat, towel, comfortable change of cloths, reusable water bottle, notebook and pencil and/or pen to each session.

The Collective Body Teacher Training is a 6-month training beginning on Oct 27th and ending on April 29th. Each module last 4-weekends: 5:30 pm- 8:30 pm on the first Friday of each module and 12 pm- 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday for 4 weekends after that. There is a minimum of a 1-week break between modules. This is our regular schedule with exceptions in Nov and Dec due to the holidays.

Beginning in Module 3, additional Fridays will be optional during the training to provide those interested and available with more time for practice teaching.

Yes! All classes are held at our beautiful studio at 301 Main St in downtown Huntington Beach.

Yes! A pro-rated refund is available until the last day of the first module. After that, you may receive a credit toward a subsequent teacher training with us.

You can register on our website HERE  or over the phone by calling (714) 374-0810 or in person at the studio.