Common illnesses during the cold season

The cold season or winter also marks the start of a lot of diseases owing to the fact that the weather is favorable to many pathogens. As a result, people are required to seek preventive measures to ensure that they don’t get infected with such pathogens. When it’s raining regularly, water accumulates in the ponds leading to mosquito and bilharzia pathogens breeding in those areas. A lot of bushes grow, leading to the infective pathogens accumulating in those areas and you will find that a lot of mud is formed which is also another breeding site for pathogens. These factors make people prone to infections and the bulk billing doctors Brisbane wide have revealed the below illnesses to be among the commonest diseases of the winter.


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Common cold, popularly known as flu

When it is cold, your body’s immune system tends to be weak because some of the white blood cells are dormant. At the same time, the viruses on your upper respiratory system are multiplying at a higher rate owing to the cold weather and an increase in mucus secretion. Such things make the common cold to be common among people during these times. When you come across an infected person and you inhale the droplets, you are also infected and suffer from the same disease. The bulk billing doctors Brisbane market has today reveal that there is no ultimate cure for this illness but people should cover themselves with warmth generating clothes.


This can could be caused by bacteria or viruses or both. The cure, according to Brisbane doctors, is determined by the kind pathogens causing it and its severity. The cold season normally stimulates the pathogens to multiply at a quicker rate thereby leading to massive infection. It might be so severe to an extent that breathing might be difficult. When such an infection occurs, Brisbane cbd doctors recommend that diagnostic tests like X-rays, sputum test and other tests should be conducted to confirm the infecting pathogen before a treatment plan is identified.


This illness presents with chest pain and a productive cough. The pain normally increases when coughing. It is an infection that is easy to cure when treated with the perfect antibiotics. When you have such an infection, it is good to have a sputum test and an X-ray because these are the two tests that will reveal the causative agent and the severity of the disease. Any good doctor Brisbane city has would advise that you find a clinic that has all the diagnostic tools to ensure that you are diagnosed and treated well.

The bottom line is that winter is normally a season that makes people vulnerable to all sorts of infections. Even water-borne diseases are normally high during this season. So you should exercise caution when drinking water; especially from sources that you don’t know. If you find that you have any symptom that reflects an illness, you should see the bulk billing doctors Brisbane market has today so that you are assisted accordingly. It is better if people can exercise preventive measures so that such illnesses do not affect them.